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DL320G3 SATA RAID Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

Adrian McCray
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DL320G3 SATA RAID Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

Just purchased 4 DL320G3's and was wanting to use the hardware RAID feature, but stumped about how to go about implementing it.

* Enabled RAID 1 in the BIOS, but RHEL4 does not recognize the virtual array. (but does see the individual drives)

* HP website has SATA RAID drivers for RHEL3 _but_ not REHL4, so back reving to RHEL3 _IS_ an option, but not a preferred option.

* One thought was to disable RAID 1 in the BIOS and use the software RAID features of RH. Has anyone done this and how difficult is this feature in action? (i.e. replacing a failed drive, recovery?)

Has anyone had any success with this setup?
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Re: DL320G3 SATA RAID Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

Hi Adrian,

If you want to do a soft Raid, you can do it when installing the RH using the Diskdruid.
Also you can do it from the os. I tried it before ( multiple partitions on 1 hard disk, software raid on the partitions) and check it by using the command raidsetfaulty ( it's like I'm making trouble with one partition of the raid like having bad disk) then raidhotadd (it's like I replaced a bad disk) and it worked.
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Hope this helps,