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DL320G4 vs Win2003R2 SP2

Don Krause
Occasional Contributor

DL320G4 vs Win2003R2 SP2

Hi Gang.

I've got a pair of DL320G4s, that are my primary and backup Active Directory controllers, that now blue screen on boot, after a Win2003R2 sp2 install.

They blue screen even in safe mode.

Stop Error 0x0000007e

Is there a way to undo the service pack from the recovery console? I'd really like to get these hosts back up ASAP..

Honored Contributor

Re: DL320G4 vs Win2003R2 SP2

Hi Don

why if you try first updating suing the firmware CD?

and try accessing W2003 again

link fir the firmware CD 7.9


and let us know
Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Don Krause
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL320G4 vs Win2003R2 SP2


We managed to bring the domain controllers back up buy reinstalling Win2003R2 over the existing installs.

We are currently moving applications from a third DL320G4 we have that was purchased in the same batch as the 2 that failed during the update to test all further updates on.

I'll let you know if the firmware disk fixes things.
Don Krause
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL320G4 vs Win2003R2 SP2

After testing the firmware update on a spare machine, we applied both the firmware update and the drivers update (7.90) and both machines are now up and running SP2.

Thanks Much!