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DL320G5 Hard Disk Configuration

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DL320G5 Hard Disk Configuration


I work for a Cisco reseller and we use HP DL320G5 servers with two 160GB SATA drives working in a RAID1 environment.

These drives are not hot-pluggable and so the server must be powered down to remove/reinsert a disc.

My question is what happens if two disks with different images are installed in the server and it is rebooted?

Does the drive in the left hand slot take priority and get mirrored to the second drive?

I cannot find any decent documentation on this. Please note that the software I am installing is a Linux based appliance and so I cannot use any Windows based tools.

Any help most welcome.
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Re: DL320G5 Hard Disk Configuration

if You install two new disks in server , during post new array (raid 1) will be created and disks will be cleared. if you have disk with installed system that You want to be mirrored to second i suggest to install only one disk and after successful start add second disk and expand array