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DL320G5 drive swap

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DL320G5 drive swap

I have a DL320G5 with (2) RAID 1 mirrored 160GB hard drives. One of the drives went bad. Since these are not hot-swap drives, I know I have to power down to replace the bad drive. My question is, do I replace the drive while the server is powered down, or do I bring up the server with the single good drive and then plug in the replacement drive. My concern with the former is if I power up with the existing drive and the replacement drive, how do I know the the replacement drive data won't be copied to the existing drive and screw everything up.
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Re: DL320G5 drive swap

I think that you are using sata raid. And I believe you have to manually initiate the rebuild from within the raid controller bios.
I've done this with a DL120G5 and they probably use the same (Adaptec) raid controller. The rebuild can probably also be done online using the adapted storage manager. I would read the manuals before rushing into action :-)