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DL320s error that causes reboot

Bret Steele
Occasional Contributor

DL320s error that causes reboot

my DL320s reboots unexpectedly, and from what i've see in the even log it's related to the network card.
From the event log...

AlertingElementFormat: 0 0 (Unknown)
AlertType: 2 0x2 (Communications Alert)
Description: "The event provider encountered a non-fatal error. Some information may not be available."
EventCategory: 45 0x2d (Software Application)
EventID: "14"
ImpactedDomain: 4 0x4 (System
OSType: 77 0x4d (Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64-Bit)
OSVersion: "6.0.6002"
PerceivedSeverity: 3 0x3 (Degraded/Warning)
ProbableCause: 1 0x1 (Other)
ProbableCauseDescription: "Provider Cannot Access Data Source"
ProviderName: "HP Ethernet"
RecommendedActions: "Isolated instances of this event are not a cause for concern. If continued instances of this event occur, contact HP Support."
Summary: "Provider cannot access data source"
SystemCreationClassName: "HP_WinComputerSystem"
SystemFirmwareVersion: "2008.04.10"
VariableNames: "FloodControl"
VariableTypes: 1 0x1 (string)
VariableValues: "HP Ethernet detected too many changes happening to the network."
For more information, please contact HP Support.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have some good ideas. I've submitted a ticket to HP Business Support Center as well, but figured I'd try here too. Thank You....Bret