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DL350 G3 - SCSI ID problem

Occasional Contributor

DL350 G3 - SCSI ID problem


DL380 G3 - Smart 5i controller
2x 72GB in RAID1 - SCSI ID 0,1
3x 72GB in RAID5 - SCSI ID 2,3,4
Hot spare in RAID 5 - SCSI ID 5

ACU was showing disk 4 as failed, but there were no error lights on the server.

I pulled disk4 out of the server and the hot spare (disk5) went active, After reseating disk 4, ADU is showing the missing drive is SCSI ID 12, and disk 4 is an unassigned drive.

How can I get the ACU to place disk4 back into the array???