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DL360/DL380 BSOD crash

Richard van der hoek
Occasional Contributor

DL360/DL380 BSOD crash

Hello all,

Allow me to post the following problem concerning several HP servers here.

We've got a domain running with Windows 2000 that consists of four DL360 and two DL380 servers (all G3). Recently there was a huge problem with the cooling of the server room, after which 5 out of 6 servers (including the two DL380's) ended up with a blue screen.

I'm not sure if the heating problem is related to the BSOD's, but it seems very likely to me.
The booting process goes all the way to the Windows logo, and after the progress bar moves a couple of times, the BSOD pops up. The stopcode is: 0x0000007b INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

The drive setup is made out of two disks that are configured as a mirror set.
I can still access the drive using a third party tool, and all of the drive's structure seems to be intact.
Booting in Safe mode, Lastknown good etc. did not resolve this issue.
I've also ran CHKDSK, using the Windows 2000 console option, but also to no prevail.

Using the HP Smartstart CD, I did a complete diagnostics on one of the servers, which came out to be fine.
In a last resort, I've now removed the two drives from one of the crashed servers, and put one of them in our test-server to see what happens. When booting I still receive the BSOD.

My guess is, that perhaps by overheating a shutdown must have taken place. I'm thinking that during this shutdown some Windows drivers that are related to the HP SCSI/Array part have become corrupt.

Does anyone have any clue on what this might be? Thanks in advance.
Richard van der hoek
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL360/DL380 BSOD crash

Extra information:
When replacing all of C:\WINNT\System32\Drivers\*.sys files from a working server, the BSOD is gone.

Apparantly this is a driver issue, caused by a possible heating issue.

Responses to this are still welcome.