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DL360/DL380 Powering dual power supplies 120v 240v

Kevin Enders
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DL360/DL380 Powering dual power supplies 120v 240v

I've seen this addressed before but with different answers. Please pardon my redundancy!

In a server with 2 power supplies can one be powered with 120V and the other 240V? I know it works but is it a method that is approved by the "powers"?

Also, does one of the supplies power the server as a primary and the 2nd one as a backup? Is it always predictable which one is primary? I believe I've read where they both are used equally?

I'm try to achieve a balance between two different UPS's(same model). They both supply 240V but only one (of the UPS's) supply 120V. I know the easy answer is to ues the 240v from both but with existing wiring within the cabinet I'm trying to minimize the needed changes to achieve a reasonable balance. (nothing like inheriting another's mess)

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Re: DL360/DL380 Powering dual power supplies 120v 240v

Kevin- I suppose it would work, All of the switching is done internal on each PSU. never have tried it myself though. why would you not just make the other leg 208 also? I do know that they are only labeled 1 and 2. neither is the primary. they are redundant.

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Re: DL360/DL380 Powering dual power supplies 120v 240v

A similiar sitution has come up at a site. The existing UPS had exceeded the load values that we wanted to have, so we installed additional UPS and circuits. The new UPS service was was 208v, while old UPS serviced power at 120v. During the process of moving servers that had dual power supplies (DL380, DL580, etc.), server management group failed to move both power drops. For the past 2 weeks servers have been running on 120v on 1 power supply and 208v on 2 pwer supply. We have not seen any issues, short term, but was wondering about long term. Is there any additional load oe life expectancy issues with the power supplies running different power draws?
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Re: DL360/DL380 Powering dual power supplies 120v 240v

I've been wondering about this too. We've got a rack that contains a Dell 6850 which requires 208v to run, so we had to put in a 208v circuit just for it. I'd like to use it for our HP servers but want to continue powering their redundant supplies from diverse UPS' which means I'd have to hook one supply to 208v and the other to 120v. Haven't tried it yet, didn't want to fry something. :-)