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DL360 G1 no power-on

P Cantwell
Occasional Contributor

DL360 G1 no power-on

This is an oldie and there is almost no documentation left for me. This system locked up. We shut it down and it never powered back on. I've reseated all components and removed CPU2, to no avail. The diagnosing steps says to start replacing parts. I'd like to know what failed first!

I've tested the power switch and it functions. There isn't much circuitry on its PCB. It goes through more connectors and a ribbon cable connected to the motherboard. The system status lamp is green. The 2 NICs light al the way to the front panel. The UID toggles and lights the front panel. The onlt thing it won't do is power-on.

Any suggestions? TIA
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Re: DL360 G1 no power-on

Can you hear anything-POST or fans?
What lights up on the mainboard?
I'd think that the PSU was having problems first and then possibly the mainboard itself.
P Cantwell
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL360 G1 no power-on

"Can you hear anything-POST or fans?
What lights up on the mainboard?"

The fans on the PSU run constantly with power applied. Error LEDs will light if I pull the riser board. Otherwise, I get the lamps I indicated in my original post. There are no debug lamps, like in the DL360-G3.

I, too, suspect PSU. It's hard to test without nowing the power path or what triggers the on-switch to wake up the mobo. I will bring down another server and use its parts to test.
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Re: DL360 G1 no power-on

Hi there,

I'm sure you've done this so please disregard as appropriate.

I had a similar problem with a DL360G1 a long while ago and found that performing the following sequence solved my issue;

1. remove the CMOS battery, then refit it
2. set the maintenance switch to clear NVRAM mode
3. Restart the server and when the Compaq Logo screen comes up shut it down.
4. Reset the maintenance switch back to off
5. Restart the server and when prompted set the OS mode etc.

Good luck.

Kind regards