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DL360 G1NIC problem when ghosting

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DL360 G1NIC problem when ghosting

I have DL360 G1s and using an in house WinPE CD to ghost images of the C and D drive from one machine to another.

Problem 1 - When attaching to the network eventhough when only one NIC is connected to campus network there is a problem configuring the network (static) where WinPE jumps from one Nic to another and hence can't attach to the network eventhough when all the settings are correct.
I.e NIC1 gets configured, restart the network and it can't find the signal.
NIC2 then is tried and it can't find the signal.
I know this has been a known problem with the DL360G1s at the build stage when these servers first came on the market, does anyone know a solution or a workaround, we are using the latest drivers.
Problem 2 - When finally by hook or crook we manage to connect to the network and start the ghosting process, it fails with MFT errors with a very poor throughput during the copy process. Any ideas?
David Fraser_1
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Re: DL360 G1NIC problem when ghosting

check the drivers you are using when ghosting as they may be causing the nic to be preset to full or half duplex which may cause a problem with you switch if it is managed and set to either or if set to auto try preseting the drivers to half duplex first then try full duplex you should be able to add the line to the protcal.ini file on your boot disk for the driver also try disabling one of the nics through bios and try again
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Re: DL360 G1NIC problem when ghosting

Hi g00se this information can be helpful.

You can update the server bios from the following links:
If using W2K

If using W2K3

And for full access to our Software and Drivers downlad page for all our servers you can go to:

Best Regards

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