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DL360 G2 - Can't boot from CD

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DL360 G2 - Can't boot from CD

Hi there,

Just aquired a second hand DL360 G2 from ebay - came with no discs or anything except bare server.

Trying to set the machine to boot from CD drive to install an OS.

I boot machine and press F9 for the rom setup. When I go into the screen to set boot order, I am forced to choose boot order for three devices - the floppy, the network and the raid controller. But no CD listed to pick where in the list it should go. It's just not an option.

been into all other screens but can't see any setting to turn CD booting on or off. All web sources seem to refer to booting from CD so I'm sure it must be possible.

Could I have a faulty CD drive, or is there something I am missing? Is there any way of diagnosing if the drive is ok? I've checked it's clicked in properly, and the drive has power as I can open and close it.


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Re: DL360 G2 - Can't boot from CD


update the firmware:

then use the maintenance switch to clear NVRAM and return default settings(check the back of the access panel)/ there should be an option in RBSU->Advanced->restore system defaults

Then check if it comes up in boot order
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Re: DL360 G2 - Can't boot from CD


Both the G1 and G2 DL360 servers used to have problems with mating on the CD ROM drive and the backplane where they connect into.

Switch off the system, remove the top cover and push the centre of the dual action eject button on the left side of the cd to release the locking latch. Continue to push the square section to release the drive. (See attached section from the service manual for clarification).

Pull the drive out and then place your hand inside the server against the backplane while pushing the drive firmly back into place. Your hand will stop any flexing on the backplane while the drive is inserted.

With a bit of luck it might start working.

I hope this helps.