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DL360 G2 Drivers/Firmware/Software

Alex McWhirter
Occasional Contributor

DL360 G2 Drivers/Firmware/Software

I have this DL360 G2 server and im debating which os to install. I started looking at drivers to piece together what i needed to download and there are at least a hundred to choose from. This is my first server and im used to desktop pc were its just one driver for each piece of hardware but the HP driver site has 6 different ones for the network controller and they are all different, (not just older versions of the same one). could someone help me make sense of this?
juan quesada
Respected Contributor

Re: DL360 G2 Drivers/Firmware/Software

i recommend windows 2003 x32

regarding drivers....easy stuff....just download the PSP (link below) extract it to a folder, run the hpsum.exe and check the "connect to' box, allow non bundle....and next next till you are done