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DL360 G2 Setup

Alex McWhirter
Occasional Contributor

DL360 G2 Setup

Hi, i have recently purchased a DL360 G2 server with 4gb of ram and two 1.4ghz PIII processors. I want to use this as a web server but i dont really know were to start. Software wise i am fine but for hardware i dont know were to find a small rack that has silders. The server appears to have sliding rails on it. Also how much load do you guys think this thing will take before it starts to slow down?
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Re: DL360 G2 Setup

Welcome to the ITRC Forums!

The server has obviously been in use somewhere else before you bought it.

Normally, the "sliders" (the outer rails of a rack installation kit) come with the server, not the rack. As far as I know, the only standardized feature of the sliders is the way they attach to the vertical rails of the rack.

Depending on the server model, there may be multiple installation kit models to fit into different types of racks - newer models tend to have "universal" rack rails that fit into most common rack types.

The rack installation kit contains both the inner rails (which are attached to the server) and the outer rails (which are attached to the rack, either with screws or with a some sort of quick-attach mechanism). There is often a cable management arm of some sort too.

In your case, when the previous owner got rid of the server, the outer rails were left in the rack where the server was originally installed.

Getting the missing halves of the slider rails for such an old server model may be difficult: I'd recommend getting a simple shelf for your rack and placing the server on it.

Or just bite the bullet and buy a complete new rail kit for your server: the inner rails you already have are probably the cheapest parts of the kit. -> Worldwide -> Retired products -> Proliant servers -> Proliant DL -> DL360 G2
can tell you the part numbers and a lot of other information about this server.

For example, here are the part numbers of rack installation kits:
DL360 G2 Sliding Rail Option Kit
DL360 G2 Telco Rack Option Kit

> Also how much load do you guys think this thing will take before it starts to slow down?

"How long is a piece of string?"

Is your website going to be mainly static HTML, CSS & images, or a complicated affair of Java servlets, databases and dynamically-generated content, with HTTPS encryption on everything? This is going to make a *lot* of difference.

Alex McWhirter
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL360 G2 Setup

the website is mostly php with sql database usage but not a lot of encrypion.