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DL360 G2 Sliding Rail Kit & Server Side Rails

Chris Congdon_1
Occasional Advisor

DL360 G2 Sliding Rail Kit & Server Side Rails

I can't find directions anywhere on HPs website. I don't currently have a sliding rail kit, but was thinking about buying a couple from somebody. However, I was trying to figure out if you had to have the server side rails (installed by the factory) to use the sliding rail kit or does the sliding rail kit replace these rails?

Is there a replacement part number for the server side rails? I have looked and looked and looked and can't find a part number for these anywhere. I recently acquired 15 of these servers and got NO rack parts with them. I've bought a couple of fixed rail kits on ebay with no luck because they require the server side I'm a little leary of buying yet another rail kit just to find out it doens't have all of the parts required.

Thanks for the help.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: DL360 G2 Sliding Rail Kit & Server Side Rails

Hi Christopher,

You must have obtained the fixel rails.

The sliding rails have a different part number:
252366-001 Sliding Rails (attaching to Rack) and Cable Management Solution

Are we looking for the same?

You can find the picture of the part in the below website:

Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 G2 Sliding Rail Kit & Server Side Rails

The rails you're looking for don't come in that kit either. The part number you need to use for the rails you need is 252231-001. Neither one of the kits you were looking at contains these rails.
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..
Chris Congdon_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL360 G2 Sliding Rail Kit & Server Side Rails

Sorry are incorrect. The fixed rail kits DO contain 252231-001. I can show you a copy of the inventory sticker on my box of 301060-001 (DL360G3 hardware kit) or the sticker on my fixed rails. 252231-001 is the rack-side of the fixed rail kit. Actually, this is why I bought these kits in the first place (I was actually buying the G2 rail kits, but the seller sent me a couple of the 301060 kits in addition) because in the picture the 252231-001 looked like it should be the piece that slides onto the server. It is not. Nowhere even close. Fits into the 252228-001 rails perfectly fine though.

I don't understand why they made it so **** hard to replace the rails for one of these servers? What if I had lost a rail while moving stuff? Or someone sat on one and bent the heck out of it? How would I have replaced it if there isn't a part number? At least there isn't one I've yet seen. Partsufer doesn't show one, nor does any od the documentation I've looked at.

I also don't understand why there doesn't appear to be documentation on the sliding rail kits and how they install. That's really all I want to do you install the sliding rail kit option...and does it require the server side rails that came with the server to install correctly (like the fixed rail kit does...)