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DL360 G2 Will Not Boot

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DL360 G2 Will Not Boot


I have a 5-year old DL360 G2 rackmount server that refuses to boot for me following a routine system update.

On the first reboot after our regular system maintenance window, I had an error message on the server: 104-ASR Timer Failure. The system would then bring up the BIOS setup screen as if it were being configured for the first time. I took this as a sign that the system board battery had failed, and confirmed that diagnosis with the company that provides me with technical support.

However, after replacing the system board battery, the server is now not booting beyond the screen where it checks the RAM and initializes the processor. It just hangs there. I am unable to get into the SmartStart CD since the server won't recognize either the floppy drive or the CD drive on boot.

I tried hitting F10 to get into a maintenance screen or the BIOS when the Compaq logo shows on boot, however when I do that I get stuck at the same screen showing the RAM test and processor initialization, though with the number 44 showing below the processor initialization line. Not sure what significance that has, if any.

After a conversation with HP support, I tried reseating the RAM, the processor, and all other internal components, to no avail.

At this time my outside tech support company thinks the system board is fried. Does anyone here know of anything else I can try before resorting to replacing the system board?

Thank you.

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Re: DL360 G2 Will Not Boot


According to the ProLiant troubleshooting guide here:

Page 102, confirms the possible cause of a 104-ASR Timer Failure as System board failure.

Hope this helps,


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Re: DL360 G2 Will Not Boot

Nope. If you've even tried breaking down the components to see if one of the compnents is failed, and you still haven't achieved any success, then the system board would be the next option.
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Re: DL360 G2 Will Not Boot

hp tried cleaning NVRAM?

that would help, if not System Board is the issue
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