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DL360 G2: black screen, does not POST

Regular Advisor

DL360 G2: black screen, does not POST

Hi there,


I have a DL360 G2 which does not POST and does not show video output.


What I checked:


- no amber LEDs, all LEDs are green

- NVRAM erased on power up by dip switch

- removed memory and second CPU

- did a cross check with removed CPU

- iLO works

- iLO does not any error in logs

- iLO remote console says "monitored server console is in an unsupported text mode"


To do:


- try PCI graphics adapter



Any other ideas besides calling support would be appreciated.

Because if there still were support for this old chap, I would have already called it. ;)





Respected Contributor

Re: DL360 G2: black screen, does not POST

Have you connected to ILO from the time it powers up to see if it's showing anything at all? I wonder if it's doing something and starting to POST, but the graphics adapter isn't working right (or maybe even just the monitor hooked up to it).

Using an add-on graphics adapter is a good idea, in case the built-in thing isn't working.

I'm not sure if ILO would log any errors until after the system has POSTed, so if it is getting hung up in POST somewhere, that might explain why ILO is showing everything is good even though it isn't.

When you erased the NVRAM, I'm assuming you flipped that switch back to the normal position? If it's left in the erase position it probably won't POST, so you might double-check just in case.

You have to enjoy those older servers... I'm surprised someone still has an old G2 in use. :)
Jimmy Vance

Re: DL360 G2: black screen, does not POST

Where you watching the console in iLO from the moment you pwoered on the server? Did you try a different monitor?  If you've done that, then yes another graphics card would be the next test

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