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DL360 G3 CD-ROM failure with long-duration reads

Steve Vanderwerf
Occasional Visitor

DL360 G3 CD-ROM failure with long-duration reads


I have a DL360 G3 that came with an HP CD-ROM, model SN-124, COMPAQ PN# 31493E-F30, CT: 7594702LK0S0AN, 6PAW506572T, F/W N104, H/W A: May-2003. When loading software with short duration access, this CD-ROM appears to function. During long duration (700 MB) transfers (Norton Ghost Image from CD archive) the CD-ROM fails, saying the CD image was corrupted. Long duration failed reproducibly and repeated several times.

I tried the same Norton Ghost Image on another DL360 G3 with an older model of CD-ROM and it worked fine, repeatedly. I swapped the CD-ROMs and re-tried by Ghost Image and the failure followed the specific CD-ROM drive.

I checked the HP website looking for similar reports but I couldn't find anything conclusive. I know I can just call the customer care center and get it replaced (its under warrenty) but I want to verify the cause of the failure and make sure my future purchases of DL360 G3's with newer CD-ROMs won't have the same problem. If I knew this was a problem in a given lot of CD-ROM drives and the problem was isolated/corrected, I would feel more at ease.

Does this problem sound familar? Any release notes on this problem that when suggest it was an isolated case. etc? Recommendations are requested...Thank you.
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 G3 CD-ROM failure with long-duration reads

Hello Steve,
This is just a coincidence that the CDROM turned out to be bad. You have your self stated that when you moved the CDROM to another server the problem followed. Definitely something wrong with the CDROM. This is just one of those isolated occuring.

Steve Vanderwerf
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL360 G3 CD-ROM failure with long-duration reads


Thank you for your response. I agree I was able to identify the problem was isolated to the CD-ROM drive that shipped standard with the proliant server. What I'd like to know is, if this same series of drive is shipping today, has anyone else seen the type of drive failure I'm seeing. I have more of these servers on order and I don't want to deploy them if I can't have my field teams load the appropriate software. If there is a known issue with a series or lot of CD-ROM w/release note and the issue is fixed, I can instruct the field team to look for a particular lot of CD-ROM drive, if they find it, immediately call HP before deploying it. I don't know if replacing the failed unit with the same series will exhibit the same behavior. The replacement CD-ROM I used was from an older Aug-2002 lot. Vendor was Compaq versus HP in May-2003.