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DL360 G3 ILO Username & Password at F8 during Bootup

John Venables_2
Occasional Contributor

DL360 G3 ILO Username & Password at F8 during Bootup

Hi, we have a server that has a username & password screen when u press F8 at bootup. Is there a way to reset the card to remove the password & have the server go straight into the config settings when u hit F8 rather than
the username & password...we received this server from a team that was disbanded and have no way to get the username and password. also the default username & password supplied at server purchase has been removed....What are my options please
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 G3 ILO Username & Password at F8 during Bootup

Open the cover and there is a diagram on the inside of the cover. There's an iLO security override switch documented there. On the next boot, press [F8] to go into iLO setup. You'll still be prompted for a username/password, but enter anything you want because you set the security override. Now go change the Administrator account's password so you'll know how to login in the future. There also is a configuration setting to eliminate the username/password challenge when you access through [F8] at boot time. Save the settings and then reset the override switch.

If rebooting the server isn't an option, you can also use the HPONCFG utility through Windows to change iLO settings without having to login.