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DL360 G3 - NIC 2 Disabled

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

DL360 G3 - NIC 2 Disabled


I'm in the process of rebuilding a DL360 G3.

I thought everything was working OK, until I went to Team the two onboard NICs, and discovered that the OS (W2K) was only seeing one of them...

During POST, I get the following message, accompanied by 2 short beeps.

"WARNING: A Type 2 Header PCI Device has been detected.

The BIOS will not configure this card.

It must be configured properly by the OS or driver."

According to the ProLiant troubleshooting guide, that says Only Type0 and Type 1 devices are configured by the system ROM, however there are no additional PCI devices installed, just the embedded ones...

I have been into the RBSU, and in there rather than seeing the MAC address of the Second NIC, I see "NIC 2 Disabled". I've been through all the options and can see none to Enable or Disable particular Embedded PCI devices.

Under PCI devices, I see an unrecognised embedded PCI device, where I'm guessing the second NIC should be.

I've tried clearing the BIOS, both through the menu option, and the motherboard switch, however none of these have made a difference....

I'm beginning to think that I may have a duff motherboard. Are there any other suggestions before I log a fault call ??


Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 G3 - NIC 2 Disabled

Well I logged a fault call and the Support guys determined that the system board was faulty.

That has just been swapped out and everything is now functioning as it should be...