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DL360 G3 Power Supply issue

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DL360 G3 Power Supply issue

I have a DL360 G3 with two power supplies. When one power supply is unplugged, the server hangs on reboot waiting for user confirmation. How can I force the server to boot up without the 2nd power supply plugged in?

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Re: DL360 G3 Power Supply issue


what kind of confirmation?

press F1 to continue?

if so check this

POST F1 Prompt
The POST F1 Prompt option is a toggle setting that configures the server so the F1 key must be pressed to proceed when an error is encountered during the power-up sequence. A series of system tests executes during POST before continuing with the following:

- If failures occur that allow the system to continue operating, the system continues to boot but posts a message.

- If critical components fail or are missing, the server attempts to boot. If it can boot, it posts a message and an F1 prompt.

--- If Enabled is selected and an error occurs, the system stops at the F1 prompt until the F1 key is pressed, before continuing to boot.
--- If Delayed is selected and an error occurs, the system pauses for 20 seconds at the F1 prompt, and then continues to boot the OS.
- If the system cannot run with the missing or failed components, it halts until those components are replaced.

NOTE: The POST F1 Prompt setting is enabled by default in ProLiant ML and DL servers and is disabled by default in BL servers.

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: DL360 G3 Power Supply issue

Thanks Karlo, that will do the trick
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Re: DL360 G3 Power Supply issue


If the power supply is plugged in but you don't have the power cable attached it will make a circuit and the system will assume there is a fault.

Just pull the second power supply out an inch or two and there will be no circuit and no error message.

Alternatively as Karlo suggests you can prevent the F1 prompt in the BIOS.