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DL360 G3 & Nic

John Moon
Occasional Visitor

DL360 G3 & Nic

I purchased 17 of these. So far, each is reporting the NIC incorrectly. Win2k SP3 and Support Pack 6.40a. Here's the issue. I plug my network cable into NIC #1. Win2k(Network Connections) reports that NIC #2 is plugged in and NIC #1 is unplugged. The same thing happens if I plug in my cable to NIC #2. Win2k reports that NIC #1 is active and Nic #2 is unplugged. Has anyone seen this? I'm not using Nic Teaming.

Re: DL360 G3 & Nic

Well, it really has to do with a difference in the hardware convention and software discovery. That is, Windows will arbitrarily name them "Local Area Connection 1" and "2" in the order it happens to discover them when looking for new hardware. And although I haven't worked with this hardware in particular, this is basically true of any system on which Windows is running with multiple connections. In the case of this hardware, for whatever reason, Windows "discovers" the port labeled #2 first and in Windows labels it #1. No biggie, though, you can just rename the connections to reflect what's labeled on the box physically, just like you rename a file. Since you're not using teaming, renaming the connections sounds like the easiest solution - and it has no ill effects. (However, if I've completely misunderstood your problem, I apologize.)