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DL360 G3 and USB 2.0

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Rob Caffery
Occasional Contributor

DL360 G3 and USB 2.0

We have a DL360 G3 rack server with 2 lo-speed USB ports at rear...does anyone know if there is a way to upgrade these USB ports to USB2.0 without purchasing new hardware?

Akos Hegedus
Valued Contributor

Re: DL360 G3 and USB 2.0

Hi Rob,

you need to disable legacy mode. To disable legacy USB support on all servers that ship prior to 2004, complete USB functionality must be disabled by disabling the USB Host Controller in RBSU under PCI Devices.

More info:

Rob Caffery
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL360 G3 and USB 2.0

Thanks for your response.
I read the article you referenced, and I am still unclear on USB 2.0 support with this particular machine.
Am I to believe that if I disable 'legacy USB support' in the RBSU that I will then have USB 2.0 on the 2 external USB ports, allowing me to 'see' an external DVD drive attached to one of these ports during POST, and one that requires USB 2.0 support to be 'seen' by Ghost prior to the OS loading??
Kai-Uwe Schurig
Valued Contributor

Re: DL360 G3 and USB 2.0


as far as i know the G3 Servers only support USB 1.1. In the QuickSpecs for the G3 servers is no detailed comment for the USB support. But I'm quite sure that only the G4 Proliant servers (and the G3 blades) will support USB 2.0, but i was unable to find a offical HP document regarding this (at least not for the G3, for the G4 see QuickSpecs).
I doubt that you have USB 2.0 when you disable the USB legacy support in the RBSU on a G3 server.
Then you have no legacy USB support at all, means you cannot access USB devices without special drivers from your OS. In case of Ghost it depends on which version of ghost you are using.
In general i would suggest to by a PCI-USB 2.0 card with a chipset supported by ghost (look at the ghost website).

Here are some links:

QuickSpecs for the DL 360 G3:

QuickSpecs the DL 360 G4 Servers:

USB 1.1 and 2.0 Compliant

Ghost compatibility with USB devices∏=Symantec%20Ghost&ver=8.x&src=ent&pcode=symghost&dtype=corp&svy=&prev=&miniver=symghost_8