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DL360 G3 overheating at midnight

Roel Bakker
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DL360 G3 overheating at midnight

We have a Proliant DL 360 G3 server that keeps overheating at 0:00AM with the CPU at 58C. The server is not doing anything, and we lowered the ambient temperature to 'very cold' with an extra air-conditioning unit. We have no clue on what might cause this heat. Has anyone encountered similar problem before? Is it possible that this is caused by a defect in the server?
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Re: DL360 G3 overheating at midnight

there are a number of dl360 g3 owners with the same problem. another board i read showed a dozen users who had replaced the motherboards. it's not worth that much $ anymore, and i'm willing to try whatever i can to keep this server running steady for the next year. any suggestions? we're a really small biz with only 5 users.


Re: DL360 G3 overheating at midnight



Please share the IML logs. 


The issue can be with the processor fan module. 


Before replacing any part, please ensure that the BIOS is up to date. 


P31 (3/3/2005) system rom has modified thermal values to resolve overtemp condition.


Select the appropriate OS and download the BIOS update:


If after updating BIOS, issue persists then replace the processor fan module.

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