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DL360 G4 Dropping Drives-bad backplane?

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DL360 G4 Dropping Drives-bad backplane?

I have a dl360 g4 that is dropping drives saying they are bad, but I pop them back in and they seem to rebuild fine. I ran hp insight online diagnostics and everything seems to be fine, the logical drives even show fine and it is saying one has failed, strange.  I also ran the firmware dvd and everything seems like it is up to date. My backups are slow as this is my backupexec server and I am getting the following error along with drive errors saying they failed every so often: 


Event Id: 24683


SCSI bus fault occurred on Storage Box box 0, , Port 1 of
Array Controller [Embedded].
This may result in a "downshift" in transfer rate for one or more hard drives on the bus.


Couple of questions here.  I updated the firmware on the 6i controller which didn't help.  After some further research the backplane could be at fault here it sounds like.  My first question is, if I can find one locally is the same backplane used in my 3.2ghz rate processors as a same model machine, which may have a 3.4ghz or even a 2.8ghz processors?  


Second question, I have 3 raid 1 sets, can I move these sets to another same model server, but with different rated processors and be okay?  I am assuming if it has the same raid 6i card I should be okay, but may have to reinstall networking components and possibly reregister the OS as it has different serial numbers on the processors for the new machine.


Let me know,


Thanks in advance!



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Re: DL360 G4 Dropping Drives-bad backplane?

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Re: DL360 G4 Dropping Drives-bad backplane?

two of the same drives are showing failed, but still working. Very strange.
Mark Matthews
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Re: DL360 G4 Dropping Drives-bad backplane?

Hi Bob,
The disk backplanes should be the same on all models of DL360 G4 (careful its not a G4p, they might be different)
Spare part number (for the G4 backplane) is 305443-001
It could also be the Smart 6i at fault...

You can move your disks to any server with the same array controller (otherwise your OS wouldn't have the correct driver to boot from)
And yes if the other hardware is very different you'll need to install the relevant drivers on the 'new' server.
Just one caveat, make sure you have the same number of CPUs in the 'new' server. Windows wont be happy going from a single CPU HAL to multi CPU HAL.
Best way to do the drivers is download the latest Proliant Support Pack for that model or use a SmartStart CD from around the same age as the 'new' server.


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