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DL360 G4 Fans running on high

Nik Rogers_1
Occasional Advisor

DL360 G4 Fans running on high

Have a DL360 G4. All fan slots are taken. All fans are working. Server has been removed of all dust. Fans are still running on high. CPU usage is low. Server is in a Black Box mesh cabinet with 6 fan unit mounted and running on cabinet top. UPS APC 2200 installed and monitoring temp (w/in normal parameters, currently at 68 deg F). Cabinet in well ventilated area. Cabinet has a 24 port Switch, Cisco 2600 series router, Sonicwall firewall Pro3060, & Flatscreen 15" LCD Monitor. Any suggestions. Is there any way to monitor the Server Temp and Fans through a gui of some kind?
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 G4 Fans running on high

System Management Driver?
System ROM?
Speed High - you mean Loud
System Management Home Page from: Recovery Environment, what you see for speed?