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DL360 G4 RAID0 to RAID1

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DL360 G4 RAID0 to RAID1

My server is DL360 G4. Installed Suse enterprise edition with novell 6,5. I added new scsi hdd. I Now our server have 2 hdd scsi drive. I configured logical drive, but there are automaticaly RAID 0

Logical drive# 1, RAID 0 136,7GB
Logical drive# 2, RAID 0 136,7GB

My purpose is RAID 1.
I don't know how to do it. I used SmartStart CD- it is no need me. How to configure RAID 1.

Please help me someone. My english is not best. But I think understand me. Thanks all.
Riju Kurian
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Re: DL360 G4 RAID0 to RAID1


This server has a 6i SMART Array controller when shipped and please let know if you dont want to use or use the SMARTstart?.
Using the SMARTstart (ACU )you can configure RAID 1.
SMARTstart has the option of RAID migration.
In case of RAID 0, to migrate this RAID -0 to RAID 1 you need to have even number of drives.

hope this helps

Terry Hutchings
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Re: DL360 G4 RAID0 to RAID1

Unfortunately to migrate to a raid one you will need to have double the amount of drive space you currently have. You will lose half of the drive space to the mirrored info, so you can't be using both of the drives in this machine for raid 0s.

Is there data on both of these logical drives? If not then delete the second logical drive within the ACU, save the configuration, then select the raid migration wizard to convert the first logical drive to a raid 1.
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..
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Re: DL360 G4 RAID0 to RAID1

Hi All.
Thank you for answer.

I trying RAID1. But again can't. I think DL360 G4 server is not support RAID1. Only support RAID0. Because, when i trying configure logicall drive, do not select RAID1.

Please see the following below, My step.
1. Reboot the computer, start Smart Array cd. It Smart Array is 7.30
2. Enter the Array Configuration Utility.
3. The screen displays a list of the tasks that are available for them. Select "Parallel SCSI Array B (Unused Space, 140009MB)"
4. Select "Create Logical Drive"
5. Fault Tolerance is only one choice - RAID0.

6. Again Select "Create a logical drive" of the Main menu.
7. Click Begin.
Select an array that has unused space "Array B (Unused Space 140009MB)", then Next.
8. Select the fault tolerance fot the new logical drive. only one choice. RAID 0.

Why other choice of RAIDs. I don't understand.