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DL360 G4 - SA6i controller temporarily disabled


DL360 G4 - SA6i controller temporarily disabled

Hi all, I have a problem with one of our DL360 G4 servers, which started to report that the SmartArray 6i accelerator is "temporarily disabled" because of a "low battery" event.

For the last two years we've kept having the very same problem with all of our eight ML370 G3 servers.
We've been repeatedly updating the controller firmwares for over 2 years without really resolving the problem, and now the 3 years warranty is over and the servers started to refuse to boot unless we manually unplug the cache expansion module from it.

Since we really wish to *resolve* the issue for the DL360 G4 before the warranty expires, I'd like to know if we can ask for a replacement instead of flashing and re-flashing ad libitum the controller firmware.

I don't think it's normal to have so many "battery failures" on the very same component.

Please let me know!

Thank you in advance,

Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 G4 - SA6i controller temporarily disabled

Hi Michele,

the problem with the low battery condtion and with the Smart Array 6x batteries at all was resolved with Firmware 2.58. This means that if you receive a failed battery error with FW newer than 2.58 then it is most probably a real failure.

Battery Service Life Extended
Originally in battery firmware version 2.48 and continued in battery firmware version 2.58, the frequency and duration of battery charging cycles has been reduced. This helps prevent overcharging the battery, which can contribute to premature battery failures. This also reduces the time required for a battery recharge cycle to complete.

So you can request battery replacement. Normally with every FW there are Fixes and Enhancements, so HP recommends always to update the firmware.
Further the batteries have about 3 years MTBF(Mean time before failure), which means that every 3 years they should be replaced. This is maybe the case with your MLs.


Re: DL360 G4 - SA6i controller temporarily disabled

Thanks for the quick answer!
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but from what you said I guess two things:
1) I should update all of my servers as soon as possible to prevent (further?) damage to the battery packs
2) If , after the update (latest ver. 2.80B for DL360 G4) I still get battery errors, then I'm entitled to their replacement within warranty.

Is this correct?

Thank you very much