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DL360 G4 spontaneously rebooting.

Biff Duncan
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DL360 G4 spontaneously rebooting.

One of our clients has as DL360 G4 running as a Citrix Terminal Server. I've applied Windows 2003 Server SP2 mid-December and since then the machine has been spontaneously rebooting every few days, for no apparent reason, with no warning and while in productions with users connected and running applications.
I've opened a ticket with Microsoft and have supplied them thrice with reports generated using their diagnostic utility which includes the event logs. There is no "stop" error showing up in the event logs....there is nothing...the machine just reboots.
The only other noteable change this machine has experienced was a memory upgrade from 1GB to 4GB at the end of Nov. There are (3) Crucial DIMMS in place that were added to the (1) original factory DIMM from HP. This is the only other significant change I might attribute to our current problem.

I'm researching upgrading the HP Insight support and diag. software on this machine and any applicable drivers. Microsoft support has literally adopted the "wait & see" attitude at this point, but what can you expect for $99....

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: DL360 G4 spontaneously rebooting.


let me ask you:

any error in Integrated Management Log (IML)?

which proliant support pack is installed in that machine?

do you know if you have the latest firmware?

are there blue screens?

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Re: DL360 G4 spontaneously rebooting.

A memory board could cause it. try removing one at a time.
Power supply can also cause this behavior.
Hot Swap Hard Drives