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DL360 G4 w/ PC3200 ram?


DL360 G4 w/ PC3200 ram?

I have two DL360 G4 (NOT the G4p), and want to upgrade the ram with what I have on hand.

Can I safetly plug in PC3200 2gB chips instead of the PC2700 1gB chips currently being used? I would expect the PC3200 to just be downthrottled to 333mhz / otherwise perform as though it was PC2700.

Just looking for some input before I go ahead and experiment.

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Re: DL360 G4 w/ PC3200 ram?

I think it won't work as you described because server chipsets aren't so flexible. Well... Were not so flexible (i mean, in G6 the situation have changed a little).

Re: DL360 G4 w/ PC3200 ram?


Check below link for quick specs for DL360 G4 server,
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