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DL360 G4 with disk errors in windows server 2003


DL360 G4 with disk errors in windows server 2003

I have a DL360 G4 server with 3 72.8GB 15K U320 drives in a RAID5 array (SmartArray 6i controller).

The server is used as a terminal services machine. About a month ago, our users began getting errors about being unable to create temp files. There is not an issue with free space. I restarted the server and the users were able to work without issue. Later that evening, I took it down and ran chkdsk. Chkdsk repaired many errors and the server appeared to work OK until today.

The issue repeated today. Users received errors regarding temp files. Ran chkdsk, it repaired errors, users appear to be working normally now.

What would cause these kinds of disk errors? Are there utilities to check for physical errors on the harddrives, similiar to what I would use on a desktop PC? Is it likely (or even possible?) that physical disk errors would cause this kind of problem in a RAID5 array?

The server is reporting that the battery on the raid controller memory module is dead. A replacement was ordered, but it has not yet arrived. My understanding is that the accelerator is disabled in this case and would not cause data corruption. Is it possible that this could be the issue?

The event log is littered with event ID 333: An I/O operation initiated by the registry failed unrecoverably. The Registry could not read in, or write out, or flush, one of the files that contain the system's image of the registry.

I am going to apply MS hotfix KB970054 this evening, which apparantly resolves duplicate entries of event ID 333. Something is still causing an initial trigger of the event.

Please let me know of any suggested troubleshooting steps.

Sorry for the novel. Thank you!

Re: DL360 G4 with disk errors in windows server 2003

The server is a DL380, not DL360.
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Re: DL360 G4 with disk errors in windows server 2003

DL380 G4 has IML(Integrated Management Log), ADU (Array Diagnostics Utility) and Online Insight Diagnostics (for storage) to diagnose the physical hard drives and controllers.

Look for any any error in them