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DL360 G4P and HP Insight on-line Diags

John DeAgro

DL360 G4P and HP Insight on-line Diags

I see that when I run the HP Insight on-line diagnostic tool that it is reporting that the Hardware PAE is not enabled.

"Hardware PAE enabled No "

How do I enable this (PAE) feature on the harware side?

I have Server 2003 STD. and currently I have 6GB installed on the server with the PAE switch on in the boot.ini file. I am looking to upgrade the server to Enterprise edition to take advantage of the memory.

Thanks in advance for your time.
TY 007
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 G4P and HP Insight on-line Diags

Hello John,

Utilities do not display physical memory greater than 4 GB in Windows Server 2003:;en-us;255600

Assume x86 (32-bit) OS is installed. The result should be expected.

If would prefer the OS and all the tools supplied with the OS to see the full 6GB of memory, then should move to x64 (64-bit) OS.

Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 G4P and HP Insight on-line Diags

Hi John,

Please check

In Overview:

There is : "When PAE mode is enabled on Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition with SP1 and Windows XP with SP2, physical address space is limited to 4 GB."

PAE - Physical Adress Extension. The PAE switch is software extension of the physical resource, so I think there is no way to enable HW PAE.

John DeAgro

Re: DL360 G4P and HP Insight on-line Diags

Guys Thanks for your responses, however If you have the PAE switch enabled in the boot.ini on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise edition it does reconise all 6GB of RAM.

My question here is why does the "HP Insight On-line Diagnostic Manager" say that "Hardware PAE is NOT Enabled"

I am NOT concerned about the software tool reconsiing the 6GB (Although it DOES), I was wondering why it says "Hardware PAE is NOT Enabled". Below is a sample of my out put from HP Insight Diagnostics:

Total memory - 6144 Mbytes
Board 0
DIMM 1 ( DDR ) 2048 Mbytes (400 MHz)
DIMM 2 ( DDR ) 2048 Mbytes (400 MHz)
DIMM 3 ( DDR ) 1024 Mbytes (400 MHz)
DIMM 4 ( DDR ) 1024 Mbytes (400 MHz)
DIMM 5 Not Installed
DIMM 6 Not Installed
ECC memory installed Yes
Hardware PAE enabled No
Total RAM accessible to OS 4194016 Kbytes
Free RAM 216824 Kbytes
Total Virtual 2097024 Kbytes
Free Virtual 2069356 Kbytes
Resilient memory information
Number of cartridges 1
Number of modules 6
Configured for advanced ecc Yes
Configured for online spare No
Serial presence detect (SPD) information - DIMM 1
Memory type SDRAM DDR2