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DL360 G4p Converter Module "P3 Header" as a power source?

Greg McCauley
Occasional Contributor

DL360 G4p Converter Module "P3 Header" as a power source?

The converter module in the DL360 G4p has an inline six pin header labeled P3 on the board just outside of the clear plastic cover that protects the module. Can be used as a power source for a SATA drive installed in the server via a SATA controller card?

If so, any ideas where I can get the receptacle that plugs into that, or what it is called?

You can see the socket I'm talking about in the attached photo, just above the wires...


EDIT...Okay, so it looks like it is a Molex Micro-Fit 3.0; Single Row; 6 Circuit connector (#43645-0600 is the part number that connects to it). Now I've got to see what's going to each pin.

Anybody have a schematic or pinout for "P3" on the board of the converter module?


If anybody is interested...starting at the end nearest the "wire bunch" for the P2 connector, the pinout for the header is:


3.3V neg

3.3V pos

5V neg

5V pos

12V neg

12V pos