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DL360 G4p and Adaptec 7211c iSCSI card

joe schmidt
Occasional Contributor

DL360 G4p and Adaptec 7211c iSCSI card


I need to add an Adaptec iSCSI card to my DL360 G4p server. I powered down the server and inserted the card into the second slot of the riser card. When I powered the server up there was no video. I noticed that on the front of the server one of the LEDs was red, I believe it was the internal power notification LED.

My question is if anyone has experienced this issue with an adaptec iSCSI card, or knows if the bios has some power settings I can change to allow this card to work.

This is a known working card as I just pulled it out of a DL360 G4. That server has had two iSCSI cards working perfectly fine in it for the past 3 years.

Any help is appreciated.

Occasional Advisor

Re: DL360 G4p and Adaptec 7211c iSCSI card


The G4 and the G4p works diferent, even if a non HP card was working on the G4, it may not work on a G4p.

You may try to update the BIOS on the G4p and on the HBA (connect it back to the G4 and update). I try to look for the update link but for some reason is not opening for me today....

The red LED, if it's the 1st one, it's an internal component which is not working properly. The PCI riser cage may have moved when you connect the HBA. Or the server is detecting an unsupported card connected. You may try to delete any BIOS corruption clearing the CMOS with the System Maintenance Switch #6.

If it's the second light, it's related to power and the 2 bottom lights, it's the network heartbeat of each embedded NIC