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DL360 G4p - "thermal sensor #5" has exceeded the threshold

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Gary Olive
New Member

DL360 G4p - "thermal sensor #5" has exceeded the threshold

After an unexpected shutdown our system log shows the following error message:
"The temperature (thermal sensor #5) of the system has exceeded the threshold."

The Insight diagnosis log identifies the instances that all occured within a 30 minute period as follows:
"Repaired Machine Environment 9/29/2007 11:57 9/29/2007 11:57 1 Overheat - Chassis Name: - Temp: 42 - Fan Zone Type: System - Zone Id: 5 - Chassis Id: 0 - Chassis Type: Main system or external slots - Chassis Port: 0"

The current threshhold for device 5 (which I assume is zone 5) is 42degrees with the typical monitoring average temp of 39 degrees.

The mangement system cancelled it's own request to shutdown request several times before finally actually shutting down.

According to our hosting company the DC reported now room temp control issues at the time.

Having checked all the documentation available to us we are unable to identify what Zone 5 actually pertains to.

The machine is co-located and we are attempting diagnosis before deciding what requires attention or replacement before committing to a site visit.

Any help on identifying what "zone 5" is on a DL360 G4p would be gratefully received.

David Claypool
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Re: DL360 G4p - "thermal sensor #5" has exceeded the threshold

If you check "Environment" on the Systems Management Homepage you'll see all of the sensors and their locations and thresholds. Sensor #5 is the "System" sensor, which signifies it is sampling the temperatures inside the system in general and is not protecting a specific target.

If the other 4 sensors are well below their thresholds, you can probably safely schedule maintenance at your convenience. If they all are hovering close to the threshold (i.e. within 15% of it) you probably want to attend to it sooner rather than later.

For reference, and these may not exactly apply to your system, a DL360 G4 (not 'p') here in our lab shows the following:

Sensor 1 - IO Board - Current Reading 37C - Threshold 63C
Sensor 2 - CPU - Current Reading 46C - Threshold 85C
Sensor 3 - CPU - Current Reading 47C - Threshold 85C
Sensor 4 - Power Supply - Current Reading 26C - Threshold 48C
Sensor 5 - System - Current Reading 23C - Threshold 41C

Your thresholds and readings might be different depending on model and processors installed. However, in this case, the readings are all hovering at a little less than 60% of the threshold and that's similar to what you should expect.
Gary Olive
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Re: DL360 G4p - "thermal sensor #5" has exceeded the threshold

Thanks very much for your reply David.

we don't have any environment link or any information in that regard on our systems management homepage unfortunately. Would we have missed something at installation to cause that?

At any rate the information is available within the Insight Diagnostics Internal conditions category and the 5 sensors currently read as follows:
temp 1 - 48/63 = 76%
temp 2 - 57/85 = 67%
temp 3 - 59/85 = 68%
temp 4 - 38/48 = 79%
temp 5 - 39/41 = 95%

The box was recently reinstalled and fans and heatsinks were air dusted clean at that time.
All fans check as working via the diagnostics and there are no reports of failures in the logs.
we've asked for a reading of the ambient temp in the DC.

Do you see a pattern in those percentages that might give a clue to why the overall temp seems so high (other than DC ambient temp.

Thanks once again.
David Claypool
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Re: DL360 G4p - "thermal sensor #5" has exceeded the threshold

See attachment. 'Environment' should be in the System box.

If ambient temperature is OK, check airflow. It's possible that if installed in non-HP racks, the doors on the front of the rack may not have enough openings to allow the proper flow.
Gary Olive
New Member

Re: DL360 G4p - "thermal sensor #5" has exceeded the threshold

Thanks for the screenie David.
Our page is missing most of those options.
We'll have to take another look at that. :)

I doubt it's an HP rack but I'll ask if they can open the door of the cage for a period and see if that improves things.

Thanks for all your help.
New Member

Re: DL360 G4p - "thermal sensor #5" has exceeded the threshold

I am also experiencing the same at this moment.  What I did was go to BIOS > Advance Options > Thermal configuration then select "Increased cooling".  Solved