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DL360 G5 Boot Order Issue

Stuart Carrison
Occasional Visitor

DL360 G5 Boot Order Issue

Hi all

I have a DL360G5 with onboard P400i controller. The server has been running for around 2 years without problem.

Recently the server has been repurposed and part of its new role requires significant additional storage. I acquired a P800 SAS controller and MSA60 shelf full of 300GB disks.

I succesfully installed the P800 card in "slot 2" in the machine and attached the MSA60 shelf without issue.

The boot order in the BIOS/F9 screen is set to P400 first, cd second and P800 third. Note I already have REL on the P400 disks and it would be a major headache to reinstall. If I press F8 after the P800 has initialised I *am* provided the option to set it as the boot controller, so it would seem the P800 believes it is not the boot controller.

Note during POST the P800 is initialized first. It is identified as being in slot 2 whilst the P400i is identified as being in slot 0.

Problem: if I configure a logical drive on the MSA60 (1.7TB RAID 1+0) the machine DOES NOT BOOT, it skips over trying to boot from disk and tries to do a PXE boot. Apparently despite the boot order being set correctly on the controllers and in the BIOS/RBSU the machine is trying to boot from the newly created, blank RAID array on the MSA60.

The machine is in a web facing production environment so I don't want to spend a great deal of time with it 'offline'. The machine has not had a BIOS update since it was installed ~2 years ago and the P400 and P800 are running factory firmware.

Any suggestions welcome!