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DL360 G5 CPU Upgrade 212-Processor 2 Failed

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DL360 G5 CPU Upgrade 212-Processor 2 Failed

I decided to install a second E5420 CPU, seated everything properly, started the server and I'm presented with the follow 2 error messages:

212-Processor 2 Failed
212-Processor 2 Failed

I've tried every configuration I can think of in BIOS and even reset and cleared BIOS and NVRAM. I even swapped CPU's between slot 1 and 2 but these errors remain.

I decided to run diagnostics using the SmartStart CD version 8.70 and SmartStart sees both CPU's installed and all tests on the CPU's come back 100%. The SmartStart CD also gave me these errors in the IML log viewer:

Caution Post Error - Message: 212-Processor 2 Failed - Error: 180

Error 180 was not in the error code list inside the Help section of the SmartStart CD

Anyways, since all the tests came back good I decided to install Debian 8 to see if linux would see both of them. Linux didn't see the second CPU.

Additionally, I used F10 during boot to run diagnostics/inspection on the CPU and it came back status Fail but it registered as installed.

I guess my questions include, how can the diagnostic tests come back 100% for both CPU's when only 1 was flagged as working in BIOS? What do the 212 and 180 error codes mean exactly? How can the diagnostic software see both CPU's but linux can't? Is there some trick to get both CPU's to detect properly in BIOS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've included the test results, IML log and system survey if it helps

P.S. I've upgraded my BIOS to P58 08/16/2015 and the errors are still there. I even upgraded ilo2 to 2.29 not sure it's relevant...