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DL360 G5 Freezes in DOS using Symantec Ghost

Steven Oddy
Occasional Visitor

DL360 G5 Freezes in DOS using Symantec Ghost


We use a a bootable CDROM to take images of our servers, the disk boots, loads the required network drivers and maps a network share, from the share Ghost is loaded.
The disk and process has worked successfully for many years and there is no issue with it. The server operates in Windows without issue.


I've been trying to backup a standard server (DL360 G5) using the above mentioned disk and failing, within a few minutes of starting the process the source server locks up. The disk does work with another G5, the whole process is completed without issue.

In attempting to find a resolution to this issue I have already changed numerous BIOS settings, suggestions welcome (I will be updating the BIOS to the latest revision), I've changed network cables and memory yet the problem still persists.

Has anybody got experience of this issue and hopefully a solution?