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DL360 G5 - RAID 0+1?
Occasional Contributor

DL360 G5 - RAID 0+1?

I have 4 drives.  I can't remember exactly, but it is something like:

2 x 90GB

2 x 140GB


I would like to mirror the setup.  It would be easy to:


140GB RAID 1


But I need a 2nd drive that's 200-250GB, and I would prefer to mirror and not stripe.


Can I do this?

90+140 RAID 0

90+140 RAID 0

RAID 1 between each


Re: DL360 G5 - RAID 0+1?



90GB and 140GB hard drives? I guess HP does not have such hard drive sizes which is compatible on ProLiant servers.


My assumption is that this configuration cannot be done because for Raid 0, both the drives must be of same size.


90+140 RAID 0
90+140 RAID 0
RAID 1 between each


Unless if any one has other thoughts or suggestions.

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Re: DL360 G5 - RAID 0+1?

The drives don't HAVE to be the same size BUT - and this may vary depending on raid controller - for a given raid container the controller will assume all drive to be no larger than the smallest and the extra space on the larger drives will be wasted. In the OP's case, 4 x 90 which in Raid 0+1 would yield 180GB.

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Re: DL360 G5 - RAID 0+1?

here's what you can do.


Use the Array Configuration Utility, to configure the array and the logical drives.


Create an array with all 4 drives.

Create the largest possible RAID 5, use 4 x 90 GB = 3 x 90 GB of useable space appr 270 GB (In theory, you will get less than that).

Left over is 2 x 50 GB, wich you can create a 50 GB  RAID 1 from.


Array confiuration:


Smart Array Technology brief: