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DL360 G5 and Smart Array P800 Controller

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David B Walsh
Occasional Advisor

DL360 G5 and Smart Array P800 Controller


I have just bought a brand new DL360 G5, part code 416564-421. I also have just bought a brand new Smart Array P800 controller. I would like to use the P800 to drive the internal SAS backplane in the DL360 instead of the integrated Smart Array P400.

The server comes with two cables which connect the two SAS ports on the backplane to the two SAS ports on the integrated P400 controller.

I belive that the type of connectors on these cables are called "SFF8087 internal mini SAS". The connector is the same on each end of each cable.

There are two things wrong with these cables. Firstly, they are too short to reach the Smart Array P800 once it is installed in the PCI Express slot towards the back of the server. Secondly, these SFF8087 connectors are totally different to the connector required for the P800 controller. I believe the connector type required on a cable for the P800 (internally) are called SFF8484. Therefore, I believe that I need a cable which is about 1 metre long, has an SFF8484 connector at one end, and has an SFF8087 connector at the other end.

I have spent most of the day today on the phone to HP's Indian call centres, and despite approximately 10 separate telephone calls to ten separate individuals, I am still no further forward with this. I have been told a wide variety of things ranging from "You don't need any different cables as the ones which come with the server will work" to "The only three part codes which are listed as options for the P800 are 389662-B21, 391330-B21, and 389653-B21" (I have double checked and none of these cables will work as they don't have the correct combination of connectors).

Can someone PLEASE tell me the HP part code for such a cable (if indeed it exists).
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 G5 and Smart Array P800 Controller

Sorry that HP India failed to check server QuickSpecs, that should be the first place to look always. You need:

HP SAS 4i to Mini SAS 4i 31 inch/.79 meter cable
NOTE: Used to connect SA-P600, SA-P400, SA-E200 Controllers to the HP ProLiant DL360 G5 drive backplane. This kit supports all six drive bays.
David B Walsh
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL360 G5 and Smart Array P800 Controller


Many thanks for this. If I'd noticed the detail available in the quick specs area before I would have saved myself all the hassle!!!

Having said that, as you say the quick specs only mention a cable suitable for a P600 (not a P800). I really think HP should update them with the information necessary for every supported combination (otherwise there is an element of guesswork required and I have been burnt so many times by similar situations which always end up costing me good money in parts which are not suitable).

Anyway, thanks for identifying the cable in this case.