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DL360 G5 best cpu

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DL360 G5 best cpu



I currently have a DL 360 G5 running with Intel Xeon X5260 running a 3.33 dual core.

I need more cpu on the machine, I've done some research and was looking at installing an additional X5470 quad core CPU.

When installing it, am I best to?

1. Replace the old X5260 from CPU slot 1 with the X5470, and just run one CPU.

2. Add the X5470 to CPU slot 2, and run two CPU's.

3. Add the X5470 to CPU slot 1, then put the old X5260 into CPU slot 2, and run two CPU's


Or, is there another more powerful CPU I could add to the machine?


The server is running windows server 2003 and requires a high cpu for a single threaded process which feeds 12, less cpu intensive multi-threaded applications.


Thanks in advance for any advice.





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Re: DL360 G5 best cpu



The only thing working is Option 1. You can't combine diffrent CPU's, so i'd go with replacing the old cpu with the new.


The x5470 is the fastest and most cores CPU for the DL360 g5 server.

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Re: DL360 G5 best cpu

Thanks,  was a bit of a long shot mixing the cpu's