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DL360 G5 don't reboot

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DL360 G5 don't reboot

Hi all,

I have a DL360 G5 under windows 2000 Server SP4.

I installed all the drivers with the PSP.

My problem is when i reboot the server from Windows, it don't restart after the shutdown of the OS. The server stay with a blackscreen and power on.

I have to restart manually with the power button on the frontside of the server.

I don't know if it's come from a problem of driver or in server BIOS.

Anyone can help me please ? I really don't where to search to resolv this problem.

thank's in advance for any help.

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Re: DL360 G5 don't reboot

I didn't precise in my previous post.

I don't have any probleme in the event viewer. No error when the server shutwon or boot.

I don't knwo how to resolv this problem, somebody get an idea ???

thank's a lot !!!
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Re: DL360 G5 don't reboot


did you installed PSP 7.6 or which version?
have you updated firmware CD on it?

you get the same issue in safe mode I mean this for test purposes

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!

Re: DL360 G5 don't reboot


As a workaround try to look for a driver in your server called SYMSNAP.SYS and unistall it.

The driver details are:

Company Name: StorageCraft
File Description: StorageCraft Volume Snap-Shot
Product Version: (4.1:0.17642)
File Version: (4.1:0.17642)
File Size (bytes): 146944
File Date: Thu Dec 07 11:02:04 2006
Module Pointer to DBG = [obj\i386\free\SymSnap.sys]
Module TimeDateStamp = 0x4563564c - Tue Nov 21 19:41:00 2006
Module Checksum = 0x00024de7
Module SizeOfImage = 0x000159a0 I
nternal COFF Symbols - Size 0x0000cc81 bytes
Module Pointer to PDB = [D:\VSnap\ComponentReleases\VSnap_LSR6\ws\VSnap\Dev\Driver\obj\i386\free\SymSnap.pdb]
Module PDB Signature = 0x441afbdd
Module PDB Age = 0x9

Step By Step Instructions to Uninstall

- Right Click on my computer, Go to properties.
- Click on the Hardware Tab, Click on Device Manager.
- Click on View Menu and select Show Hidden Devices.
- Scroll down to Non-Plug and Play drivers.
- Check for Symsnap .
- Right Click on that and select Uninstall to remove the driver.
- Close the Window.
- Now hit OK on and come out from Device Manager.
- Reboot the server.

The driver comes with the Backup Exec software. If you cannot uninstall the driver then please contact Symantec for the updated driver to resolve the issue.