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DL360 G5 dual RAID array setup

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DL360 G5 dual RAID array setup

Hi I'm currently running a DL360 G5 with 2x 146GB SAS SFF drives in bays 1&2, RAID1 (ubuntu 8.04LTS).


I would like to move the existing RAID1 array to bays 5&6 to use as the system array, and add a separate array in bays 1-4 using 500GB SATA SFF drives for our document archive storage.


This 2nd storage array will be 2x 500GB RAID1 initially, with the option of up to 4x 500GB RAID5 as required.


As far as I can tell this is possible using the P400i, but I'm having trouble finding the right documentation to configure it.


I'm also a little confused about the configuration of our P400i - the daughterboard is labelled 256MB and there is a battery fitted and cabled to the controller. The only 2 options I can see in the docs are 256MB or 512MB with BBWC. We appear to have 256MB with BBWC (unless the daughterboard is an additional 256MB on top of 256MB hardwired on the controller itself.)


Any hints?



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Re: DL360 G5 dual RAID array setup



Did you ever get a resolution to this, we have 4 x146GB in a DL360G5 and wanted to add 2 x 500GB MDL drives. I can't find any documentation on non compatability but the drives arfe not seen in Raid configuration