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Re: DL360 G5 not not getting out of post. Fans 100% and no video

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Re: DL360 G5 not not getting out of post. Fans 100% and no video

I am still having problems with this machine :(


I bought a new processor to try.  Its a dual core processor that came out of a another DL360 G5 and is known to be good.  I have also bought 2 new power supplies and tried.  I am still getting the same exact problems using both the new power supplies as well as with the new processor.


At this point, the only thing I haven't swapped out with known good parts is the riser card and the chassis itself. I know have alot invested in this machine and I need to get it up and running.  Would the riser card or chassis cause the machine to have this vague error?


Does HP still repair these machines out of warranty?

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Re: DL360 G5 not not getting out of post. Fans 100% and no video

Have you managed to solve it?


I am exactly in the same situation. I have bought a used server and setup ubuntu.. after restarted, the fans are blowing 100% and there is a long beep.

ILO is running but there is no data for all the components...

I have bought a vga cable and connected to my hdtv but there is no signal from that port.

This may be because of logical drive failure but why there is no vedio signal? what to do.


Please can you reply the solution?


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Re: DL360 G5 not not getting out of post. Fans 100% and no video

As I had the same siuation thought this might help.


To review my problem. I had previously swapped memory modules around with other servers to balance them. This server went from 8GB to 12GB and is an ESXi host.


Server working fine then one evening went offline.


I went through the same pain to arrive at the same point mentioned above. So I


1. Reseated everything.

2. Reduced the I/O options (P400, PCI network board and memory to just one bank) and retested.


(I also pulled the disks just to be safe.) I also plugged a monitor to the front VGA port and a USB keyboard in the front port.


But Nothing - the server fans would blast out at 100% and the POST would not complete. Only indication was the strip of LED's on the system (port 85???) reading 1010 0000 (read from back to front). Taking this to mean a memory issue, I decided to clean out the DIMM slots and DIMM edges.


Incidentally I also measured the CMOS battery and swapped it out for a new one. It measured 2.8V instead of 3.2V.


But still nothing and now I lost my config - not a biggy except for iLO settings


Back to the clean...

For the slots I used a plastic tie clip (about 2mm thick) to run along the slot, blowing air as I went. Ideally a compressed air source is best.


For the DIMM's I ran along with an alcohol based nail-varnish pad so I would not have to touch the gold strips.

I reinstalled a 1GB pair in bank1.


Power applied ...breath held ... success!


I repeated these steps until all DIMM banks were restored.


My thoughts are that:


1. Some microscropic material was shorting one (or more) DIMM slots. Less likely on the DIMM's themselves as I had swapped several pairs.

2. Or that the action of running the plastic tie along the slots somehow was enough to spring the contacts back into place and removed any contaminant.


Either way - the server is back -saving housrs or jiggling around restoring services. This might also be useful tip for anyone else.




Re: DL360 G5 not not getting out of post. Fans 100% and no video

Hi Guys,


I'm in the same boat - 360 g5 and no boot !


Same thing no video out of the front or the back and all fans at 100%.


I've pulled everything and reseated and flipped all the switches for diags as well and farted around with RAM as well .....

For the ports on board is the series of leds you're talking about right near the CMOS batt ?  On mine all light are off and

then when I power it up, I get s few of the first 4 flashing and then once the board is up - no more lights.


After letting it sit fora while I'll press and hold the power button and it powers down but then I get two leds flashing.


FRONT           X   X   X   X   X   X   1   2      Rear


The second one from the right flashes once ( Pos # 1)and the  the last one on the right ( Pos # 2) and then it repeats,

is that this port 84/85 thing?




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Re: DL360 G5 not not getting out of post. Fans 100% and no video

I am almost positive that Port 84/85 code 4X [ Rear 0 1 0 0  0 0 0 0 Front ] is *not* necessarily RAM-related.


On my DL360 G5, I upgraded the CPUs, then saw this code. I went back to the original CPUs, and it booted fine.  Back to the new (and previously failing) CPU, and this code showed up again.

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Re: DL360 G5 not not getting out of post. Fans 100% and no video



I know this is an old thread and old hardware :). But I just wanted to provide some additional insight, I noticed that there was mention of swapping out CPUs as part of the diagnostic testing. It is crucial that whenever you break the bond between the CPU and Heatsink that the existing thermal paste be completely removed and new thermal paste be applied.


I use a two step process from Artic Silver (thermal paste remover & surface prep) after which I use Artic Silver thermal paste. If the Heatsink isn't properly bonded to the CPU you can get the 100% fan utilization and one long beep. Multi Core CPU on modern day servers can get incredibly hot and very quickly.