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DL360 G5 "Active Partition not found, press any key"

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DL360 G5 "Active Partition not found, press any key"

I have a DL360 G5 that was working fine, but now has problems booting.  It has a Smart Array P400i.  Before, when it wouldn't boot, it was giving the message that the IPL boot order was being set to default settings.  I looked this message up and found directions to upgrade the firmware to the latest level and install CP026508. I was not able to install patch CP026508 because the install program didn't find a smart array to appy it to...possibly because it was looking for a P410i.  I upgraded the P400i drivers instead.


I'm finding that upon power down and up, that the serial number and product number are being lost, the clock is reset to 2011 and other seetings are set to default.  I'm able to get the system to boot to the C drive by changing the IPL order, but the setting doesn't stay.

Jimmy Vance

Re: DL360 G5 "Active Partition not found, press any key"

Sounds like the internal real time clock battery is dead. Refer to the Maintenance and Service guide starting on page 56



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