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DL360 G5 upgrade issue

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DL360 G5 upgrade issue



I've recently tried to upgrade one of these servers to 16GB RAM, 4x4GB and add extra Quad Core CPU and encountered major problems. We have two of these servers originally with 2x1GB RAM and single Quad Core CPU. They are pretty much the same with newest bios installed.


First server after adding extra quad core cpu - doesn't post at all or produce any sounds indicating a CPU issue.

First server with one CPU and original 2x1GB memory boots up fine.

First server with one CPU and 4x4GB installed in correct slots - doesn't boot up at all but produces a single long beep which indicates a memory issue.

Same combination in first server but with 4x1GB memory modules and server starts up fine.


Second server works perfectly fine with two quad core CPUs, tried in above server, and same 4x4GB modules in correct slots.


Any ideas what could be wrong with the first server?

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Re: DL360 G5 upgrade issue



Please clear the NVRAM of the server and check if the issue remains.






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Re: DL360 G5 upgrade issue



i recently encountered the same sort of issues, i fixed it by doing an bios update with the stock parts and after the bios UP clearing the cmos and cold booting the server