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DL360 G5 won't boot to hard drives?

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DL360 G5 won't boot to hard drives?

Just inherited a DL360 Proliant.  It was working fine and dandy for a couple weeks until a power outage a couple days ago (yes, it was behind a surge protector) and powered down unexpectedly.  Originally when I booted, I got to the Win2k3 splash screen, but then it blue screened with "nmi parity check memory parity error"


I thought perhaps despite everything the RAM might have gotten toasted, so I downloaded and booted with the Smart Tools CD and ran full tests.  However, they all passed no problems.  I tried booting again, and it just sits there - won't even show the POST screen, just flashes the HD lights on and off about once every second.  Eventually I tried powering it down completely and unplugging it, and that worked well enough to boot into the same blue screen.


Finally I tried booting with an Ubuntu 10.04 Live CD, and that boots just fine and I can see/browse all drives.


Can anyone shed some light on how I can get this to boot from the installed OS, or further diagnose this?





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Re: DL360 G5 won't boot to hard drives?

Managed to boot into safe mode, then got the world's most useless blue screen message ever:

"Hardware malfunction.

Call your hardware vendor for support.

The systems has halted."

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Re: DL360 G5 won't boot to hard drives?

Have you tried to reduce memory to a minimum (one pair)?

"memory" errors can also be caused by a bad CPU...

If you have more than one CPU, remove Nr.2 and the corresponding VRM and test again. If it fails exchange CPUs.

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Re: DL360 G5 won't boot to hard drives?

Resolved.  Removed various components, cleaned them (shame on original manintainer, there was even grime between the CPU and heatsink!), air cleaned everything else, re-seated components, now running with no issues.