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DL360 G5


DL360 G5

I have just installed 5 DL360 G5's.

If I boot these machines without a Keyboard and Mouse, and connect them sometime later on, they Keyboard and Mouse will not work untill I reboot the server with them connected.

Is there a BIOS setting to change this? I cannot seem to find it anywhere.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 G5

no such option in f9

check this, sound like way how it designed, if ILO can't see OS will not see either

KVM might be an option too

Trusted Contributor

Re: DL360 G5

Barry, this is not a server problem, actually the server, keyboard, mouse would work fine if you had another OS different than MS.

As the other mate said, KVM is the best option to prevent thos issues. Best Regards.
You heve a question... I have an aswer!!!