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DL360 G6 RAM Configurator not matching manual?

Occasional Contributor

DL360 G6 RAM Configurator not matching manual?

So I configure a DL360 G6 with 36G of RDIMM ram on HP's online configurator.

It says I can use 18x2GB PC3-10600R modules, and still have a memory speed of 1333 MHz.



In the manual, page 42, it shows this chart:


Populated slots (per channel) == Rank == Speeds supported (MHz)
1 == Single- or dual-rank == 1333, 1066
1 == Quad-rank == 1066
2 == Single- or dual-rank == 1066
3 == Single- or dual-rank == 800


From the manual, this means that if I have 3 populated slots per channel, only 800MHz is supported.


Why is there this inconsistancy? Which one is correct?

How do I find out what speed the RAM is operating at? BIOS?