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DL360 G6 hangs on boot (usually)

David Snowden
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DL360 G6 hangs on boot (usually)



We bought three DL 360 G6 servers about a year ago and they ran ok until recently when we had to power them off to move them to a new location.


Now we find that on most reboots they hang in POST with all the DIMM LEDs illuminated.


This sounds very like one of the issues that is supposed to be fixed by the 05/15/2010 system ROM upgrade, but we have installed that and still the problem persists.  It seems to be random whether the servers get past POST or not, but most often they do not - one of the servers required about 30 attempts before it got past POST and booted.


The system config is two Xeon 5520s, 4 GB RAM (2 x 2GB DIMMs), two SAS HDDs and two PSUs.


If we are seeing this problem on all three of our servers then it seems likely that others are seeing this problem too.


Has anyone found a reliable fix for it?  It is very worrying to have servers in production use, but to know that you can't guarantee they will reboot!





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Re: DL360 G6 hangs on boot (usually)

We have two DL360 G6 units that we have had for about a year now and one of them started exhibiting the symptoms you mention a couple of months ago.  I went through troubleshooting each individual DIMM and it was one module that when inserted would prevent the system from POSTing.  HP replaced the DIMM and the system started to POST normally; however, we recently had it restart following a handful of WSUS updates and the same problem is back again - after pressing the power button, the system would wait for five seconds, turn on, the fans would spin up and in about 20 seconds or the red lightning LED on the front would light up, all DIMM diagnostic LEDs would light up in amber and a long intermittent alarm/beep would sound.  The system would not POST. 


The other DL360 G6, identically configured, never had the same problem.  Something tells me the cause is not the DIMMs but something on the system board having degraded/deteriorated over time, e.g., capacitors, etc.  We had a similar issue in the past with a pair of DL370 G3 boxes, one of them had to have the system board replaced - thankfully under warranty then.  We had another one fail recently, this time out of warranty so we had to scramble and get the services back up by migrating the host OS into a VMWare VM.


I will be contacting HP shortly to have this POST issue addressed and will post an update later.

David Snowden
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Re: DL360 G6 hangs on boot (usually)



Sorry to hear that you are having the same sorts of problems as we are with DL360 G6s, but also slightly relieved to hear that we are not alone in seeing this.


We first noticed it a few months ago when we rebooted one of the servers.  HP Support suggested that

we re-seat the DIMMs (we only have two installed), after which the server got through POST, but now we

suspect that this was just coincidence.


Although I can't say we have conducted exhaustive scientific tests, of the three servers we have (all of

which exhibit this problem) I get the impression that some are more likely to fail POST than others.


I think that observation could still fit in with your theory that something on the system boards are



I await with interest what you found out when you contacted HP about this issue.


David Snowden
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Re: DL360 G6 hangs on boot (usually)

In case anyone is interested, it seems that we now have a resolution.


We had 2 x 2GB DIMMs installed in each of the three servers, and it turned out that all six DIMMs

were faulty.  However, unlikely that might be, it was in fact the case.


Once the DIMMs  were all replaced the problem of getting stuck in POST went away.


So, in a way, the SID error lights were correct in so far as there was a problem with the DIMMs.

Had it only illuminated the error lights corresponding to the two DIMMs that were installed

then we would have resolved this problem a lot quicker.  Because it illuminated the error lights

for all the empty DIMM slots too, we assumed that there must be a more general problem.


If anyone from HP reads this, perhaps they would like to take this on board ...