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DL360 G6 iLO Temperature Sensor Locations?

Jason Antman
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DL360 G6 iLO Temperature Sensor Locations?



I'm in the process of setting up hardware monitoring (via IPMI) of a few GL360 G6 and G7 servers. Through either ipmitool or the iLO web interface, I'm presented with a dizzying list of 28 different temperature sensors, including 9 that are simply listed as "System Zone", 10 "Memory Zone", and 3 "CPU Zone" (distinct from CPU1 and CPU2).


Is there any diagram or description of what all these sensors are, and where they are? I'm trying to determine which I should trend and display in my monitoring system summary line.


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Re: DL360 G6 iLO Temperature Sensor Locations?

I am having similar issue. I see 28 temperature sensors via ipmi but I have no descriptions, so I can't say which one is for CPU.

Is there any excel list where I can at least have some form of description according to the temperature sensor number?


Re: DL360 G6 iLO Temperature Sensor Locations?

Hi Jason, 

Its not possible to get such a diagram. 



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